BS 4-class vehicles will not be sell in India from 1 April 2020: SC

GNS/New Delhi: Often you will hear BS-2 vehicles, BS-3 vehicles and BS-4 vehicles. But do you know what these numbers mean? Growing numbers ahead of BS means better standards of emission, which are environmentally friendly.

BS is used to measure the pollution of trains in India. The larger number written next to BS, there is a possibility of less pollution than that car. This BS standard decides the country’s central pollution control board. Also, for every vehicle that runs in the country, it is necessary that it meets all these standards.

Now BS-6 is being discussed in the country. Beginning in India from BS-2 After this, BS-4 was started to be used. When the use of the BS-4 engine began, then it was said that BS-4 standard engines will reduce the emission reduction in comparison to the BS-3 standard. That is, it was believed that the use of engines of BS-4 against the BS-3 standard engine is safe.

But now they will not be sold since April 2020. Nor will the vehicles of this standard be registered. The reason behind this is that the Indian government has decided to implement the BS-6 standard by following the BS-5 standard and by the year 2020 BS-6 standard. To reduce pollution further.

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