Modi’s National Security Advisor says, India needs decisive govt

“If we want to become a big power, our economy should be bigger”

GNS/ New Delhi: India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, who is doing extremely harm to the weak coalition country, said that we are not run by the representatives of the people, but by their law, We are run, so the principle of law is very important. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval has tried to target the opposition coalition in gestures. Speaking in a program, Doval said that India needs a strong, stable and decisive government for the next 10 years.

A weak coalition will be extremely harmful to the country. He said that India cannot be soft power for the next few years, because it will be forced to take tough decisions.

He said how China’s Alibaba and other companies have become big, how much the Chinese government has supported them. We want private sector companies to do this and to promote Indian strategic interest. Ajit Doval said that popular needs should not be taken priority over national needs. It is a temptation that you take things or you want to avoid doing such things in the national interest. But maybe for a short time, they can cause people some pain. Speaking further, the National Security Advisor said that if we want to become a major power then our economy should grow.

It should be globally competitive and only when it is technically forward. He said, ‘For the next 10 years India needs a strong, stable and decisive government. Weak coalition will prove to be bad for India. Doval said 100% of all defense hardware technology should be transferred. This is a new government policy.

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