GoAir launches 28 new flights across 12 cities

RNS: GoAir has launched additional 28 flights across 12 cities, including Ranchi form April 26 to 31 July 2019.

Jeh Wadia, managing director, GoAir said, “GoAir strongly believes that Ranchi deserves respite from soaring airfares during peak season. As a low-cost carrier, it is incumbent upon us to take initiatives that will immediately alleviate the shortage of flights and inconvenience caused to passengers due to the Jet Airway’s flight cancellations.

GoAir stepped in by launching additional 28 flights and went one step further by introducing 48-hours window to offer low-cost fares for flights from Ranchi. Rs 1368 onwards per ticket all inclusive is a dream come true for many.”

This summer, effective April 26, 2019, passengers can ‘Go-for-more’ with enhanced connectivity between Ranchi and Mumbai.

The daily non-stop additional flight G8-2503 will depart from Ranchi at 08:45 hours.

In Mumbai, all flight numbers starting from G8 2000 to G8 2999 will depart and arrive at Terminal 2, effective April 26 2019.

GoAir is committed to providing travelers a value for money proposition through the highest standards of customer service and affordable airfares. GoAir is also committed to provide secure and efficient transportation at all times with attention to essential details. For the 7th month in a row, GoAir has ranked top in ‘On-Time-Performance (OTP)’ signifying the airline’s efforts towards operational efficiency.

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