Online International Technical Session on “Entrepreneurship” held at SBU

Ranchi: An Online International Technical Session on “Entrepreneurship” in the various fields in Commerce and Management has been organised by the Department of Commerce and Management, SBU, Ranchi on Tuesday.

The Session was taken by Professor (Dr.) Prabal Kumar Sen, Retired professor of economics and Founder President, Center for Entrepreneurship Development (EDC) XLRI-Jamshedpur and Adjunct Professor, IIM, Amritsar.

Speaking on the occasion Sen focused on the importance of entrepreneurship in the present scenario of our country. He attracted the attention of the readers and students towards the importance of entrepreneurship and further explained that Entrepreneurship can be an important job provider in a situation where all three of the traditional sources of employment includes government, private business and voluntary sector, have little capacity to provide employment.

Entrepreneurship helps to meet the social needs arising especially from the untouched and underlined sections of the society. Qualities required for an entrepreneur to possess inherent traits and professional skills. He elaborated on these points through real-life examples.

“There is a need for external support from policymakers and society at large,” said professor Sen.

Professor Sen said that entrepreneurs can use the rich natural and other resources available in a country like India and contribute to a perceptual increase in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

When the country’s GDP is likely to take a serious hit due to the prolonged lockdown after the outbreak of this terrible disease, it will be very important in the COVID scenario.

The speaker also explained the most important qualities of a good entrepreneur. Honesty, hardwork, dedication and multi-skilled are the several important skills of a good entrepreneur. By achieving these qualities; all students are able to get good jobs both in government and private Sectors.

The session was very interactive and informative. A large number of students and faculty members actively participated in the Technical Session. The Session was concluded by Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Associate Professor of Commerce and Management SBU.

Beside others,  Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Singh, Registrar of SBU, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Manish Kumar, Manager P/A, Dr. S.K.Singh, Dean Academic, Dean ID and CS Prof Sanjeev Bajaj, DSW, Rahul Vats, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Dr. Radha Madhab Jha, Dr. Partha Paul, Prof. Megha Sinha,  Dr. Amrita Sarkar, Subhankar Ghatak, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Pooja Mishra, Dr. Ria Mukherji, Prof. Aditi Singh, Prof. LG Honey Singh, Bhardwaj Shukla,  university Students including Technical staff were present in the Session.

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