‘Hard work, Dedication & Learning habits are important skills of a good Researcher’ : Dr Navneet

Ranchi: An Online International Technical Session on “Photovoltaic Past Present and Future of Harnessing Solar Energy” has been organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, SBU, Ranchi on May 16, 2020. The Session was taken by (Dr.) Navneet Kumar a (Material Scientist) Manager in R&D at “First Solar” in Perrysburg Ohio USA.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Kumar focused on the importance of Solar Energy in the present scenario of our country. He explained about the future of Bifacial Solar Cells and discussed the importance and demand of alternate source of energy. He also emphasized on the job opportunities in this growing sector and further explained that India is the fastest-growing market in harnessing Solar energy. He focussed on “Atma Nirbharta” i.e. self-independent for production of solar panels in the country. Dr.Kumar said that students can use the rich natural and other resources available in a country and can research to find new material and technology and contribute to a perceptual increase in the generation of energy. The speaker also explained the most important qualities of a good researcher.

Hard work, dedication and habit of learning are the several important skills of a good researcher. By achieving these qualities; all students are able to get good jobs and will surely contribute to the growth of the nation.

The speaker also attracted the attention of the readers and participants towards the importance of solar energy and said that solar energy could be made financially viable with government tax incentives and rebates. Most of the developed countries are switching over to solar energy as one of the prime renewable energy sources. Solar energy has great potential as a future energy source. It also has the advantage of permitting the decentralized distribution of energy, thereby empowering people at the grassroots level”. Although India’s solar market appears well suited for local players, it’s currently open to global players as well. Indeed, global firms that tailor their broad expertise to serve unique local needs in a frugal way could actually extract significant value.

Before beginning the session; the learned speaker was welcomed by Prof. Manish Kumar Agrawal, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sarala Birla University, Ranchi, India. The session was very interactive and informative. A large number of students and faculty members actively participated in the Technical Session. Besides the students and faculty members of Sarala Birla University; a large number of teachers, students and technical staff from various colleges and universities participated in the webinar through Microsoft team apps. The Session was concluded by Prof. Rajeev Ranjan, Asst Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering. At last; the session was conducted by Dean ID and CS Prof. Sanjeev Bajaj and ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Ria Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of English, SBU, Ranchi, India.

On this occasion; Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Singh, Registrar of SBU, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Manish Kumar, Manager P/A, Dr. S.K.Singh, Dean Academic, Dean ID and CS Prof Sanjeev Bajaj, DSW, Rahul Vats, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Dr. Radha Madhab Jha, Dr. Partha Paul,Dr Sandeep Kumar, Prof. Megha Sinha, Dr. Amrita Sarkar, Subhankar Ghatak,, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Pooja Mishra, Dr. Ria Mukherji, Prof. Aditi Singh, Prof Karan Pratap SinghProf. LG Honey Singh, Bhardwaj Shukla, University Students including Technical staff were present in the Session.



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