Covid-19 pandemic brings new opportunities: CBSE Secretary

Covid-19 pandemic brings new opportunities: Anurag Tripathi

Bokaro: Covid-19 has opened a range of opportunities and made schooling very relevant in this pandemic time.

It has made us design pedagogy to be specific about learning outcomes with techniques for assessments framed in small measures, said Anurag Tripathi, Secretary Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Tripathi was addressing the students, parents, and teachers all over the country from abroad in a webinar “Relevance of Schooling in this Pandemic Time” under ‘UDAY-The Rising’, organised by DPS Chas.

Tripathi is an academician with huge contributions to social commitments.

He has played an instrumental role in implementing innovative ideas in schools across the country.

Students, parents, and teachers should work together to unleash the creative potentiality of each child with a view to providing the younger generation scope for innovation, exploration, and aesthetics, he said.

“Digital technology is going to be a part of our lives. There is no loss of learning rather there is a wide scope of growth and availing opportunities for skill-based, project-based and experiential learning experiences” added Tripathi.

There should be collaborative efforts from all sides to impact quality and holistic education, while teachers should keep in mind not to rush into completing the syllabus but recognise the need for emotional healing of the students, said Tripathi.

Students’ energy should be channeled in a positive direction towards attaining their aspirations through subjects of their interest. He said, adding, “Innocence of children should be protected and we must cultivate compassion, understanding and be sensitive.”

For Principals and Teachers, the take away was to be creative and provide the atmosphere for joyful learning and real-life experiences.

In the near future, assessments will be application, skill and competency-based, he said.

More than 2000 participants, from 200 plus schools, attended the webinar and took home interesting, informative learning experiences from Tripathi’s exclusive interaction.

Dr. Hemlata S Mohan, Chairperson Center for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), shared her happiness that 1000s of stakeholders could benefit from the webinar.

Officiating Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar in her welcome address, said, “Education in coordination with life and nature is our answer to all challenges. The new framework, in reality, will be largely dependent on digital presence, ease of virtual interactions and proceedings which we have adopted like never before.”

She thanked all the Directors, Principals who encouraged their students, teachers, and parents to be a part of this webinar. She further added that those who could not join life could avail the opportunity to watch the entire session on the Youtube channel of DPS Chas.



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