Winners Of National Startup Awards 2020

RNS: Indian government organised the country’s first National Startups Awards on Tuesday aiming to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal today released the results of the first edition of the National Startup Awards in New Delhi. The Awards were given in 12 different sectors which include Agriculture, Education, Enterprise Technology, Energy, Finance, Food, Health, Industry and Urban Services.

The award in the category of Agriculture Productivity was given to Nava Design and innovation private limited, while in the post-harvest, Agriculture category, the award was given to Intello lab private limited. In clean energy sector, Aloe E cell private limited received the award. Under the Satellite technology sector, the award was given to Bellatrix Aerospace private limited.

Speaking on the occasion, Goyal said, these awards will generate a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among young entrepreneurs engaged in setting up new innovative ideas through startups.

He said, this award function is special because it is recognizing new ideas, innovations, new ways of work and things which have never been embarked upon before.

This ceremony is a recognition and celebration of this new ecosystem which is being developed said the minister adding “India today boasts the 3rd largest Startup Ecosystem in the world with 21 unicorns and over 50 billion dollar raised in terms of Startup Capital Support in the last five years.”

The startup founders received a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh, along with opportunities to present their solutions to relevant public authorities and corporates, for potential pilot projects and work orders.

List of Startups that Won The National Award This Year:


Allied Areas: Cornext Agri Products Pvt Ltd

The startup addresses green fodder shortage by preserving green fodder when in the form of silage.

Farmer Engagement and Education: Mandya Organic

The Bengaluru-based startup helps farmers to adopt organic farming and provide a sales platform through supermarkets.

Post-Harvest: Intello Labs

It has digitised food quality assessments, allowing people to buy fresh food and help stores pinpoint and cycle out old stock.

Productivity: Nava Design Innovation & Innovation

The startup’s solar-powered robotic device for coconut sap tapping increases productivity and safety.


Access to Institutional Education: Robotguru Education Technologies

It teaches robotics in an integrated manner, by enabling students to explore and perform experiments.

Access to Open Education: Kickhead Softwares

The Noida and Bengaluru-based startup has created a platform that allows students to prepare for exams for no charge.


Clean Energy: Aloe E-Cell

The startup has created the world’s first 100% eco-friendly and non-hazardous 1.5V AA batteries. This can lead to a 71.6% reduction in environmental pollution.

Energy Efficiency: Esyasoft

Its smart grid platform run by machine learning and deep learning analytics, improving energy efficiency and distribution system of utilities

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Solutions: Unnati Online

Unnati is an automated, voice-enabled digital assistant that aids informal sector workers in finding job opportunities. It helps reduce unemployment by operating an automated job helpline service, calling job-seekers about openings in their state.


Finance: BharatPe or Resilient Innovations

The Delhi-based startup works on offering services to merchants in SME sector, enabling acceptance of UPI payments from over 150 payment apps in India.


Access to Food: Food Cloud

Food Cloud is an online portal that connects consumers with home chefs, with over 80% of the registered home chefs being women.

Food Processing: God’s Own Food Solutions

The Kochi-based startup streamlines the organised market for Indian jackfruits, developing a patented ‘green jackfruit flour’


Access to Healthcare: Wellthy Therapeutics

The startup integrates electronic medical reports for physicians and designed to engage beneficiaries at multiple levels.

Diagnostics: Niramai Health Analytix

It has an accurate, affordable solution for detecting early-stage breast cancer, having screened over 25,000 women in 12 states.

Life Sciences: Bonayu Lifesciences

The startup has developed cost-effective topical thin films as an alternative to traditional ointments, creams, gels, etc.

Medical Devices: Innaumation Medical Devices

The Bengaluru-based startup has built Aum Voice Prosthesis, a device that enables throat cancer patients who have lost their voice to speak again.

Industry 4.0

Big Data: Uptimeai Tech

The startup has developed a software platform that enables plant engineers to predict equipment and performance issues in advance.

Internet of Things: Minionlabs India

The Bengaluru-based startup uses machine learning and AI to derive actionable insights, bringing savings to electricity bills, helping with savings upto 30%.

3D Printing: Fabheads Automation

The startup designs and manufactures 3D printers using carbon fiber, allowing them to print parts that are strong as steel but light as plastic.

Augmented Reality Products/Wearables: Scapic Innovations

They are building a platform for brands to create 3D and augmented reality experience without coding themselves.

Robotics: Planys Technologies

Planys specialises in smart underwater inspection solutions identifying anomalies in a variety of assets located underwater.

Computer Vision: Gingermind Technologies

Gingermind builds AI-powered smartphone apps and wearables which aid visually challenged individuals.


Citizen Security Solutions: Staqu Technologies

The Gurugram-based startup helps police forces in 8 Indian States digitize and archive criminal records through speaker identification solutions.

Cyber Security: Lucideus Tech

The startup’s product SAFE has cyber risk quantification, providing real-time cyber risk assessment & contain over 100,000 nodes of connections at once.


Launch Vehicles: Skyroot Aerospace

Its launch vehicles carry a wide range of payload capacity and are building cost-effective small satellite launch vehicles.

Satellite Technology: Dhruva Space / Bellatrix Aerospace

The startup builds small satellite constellations for Earth observation and scientific application, helping countries to have satellites in orbits.


Hospitality: Feeinsta Consulting & Services

The startup’s smart e-toilets has automated seats, inbuilt night light, touch free and waterless to improve public hygiene.

Travel Planning and Discovery: Param People Infotech

It allows travelers to transact with verified highway services and amenities, covering more than 60,000 km’s in India.

Urban Services

Construction Development Monitoring Solutions: SnPC Machines

SnPC has the first of its kind brick-making machines that moves like a vehicle and lays down bricks.

Traffic Management: Wickedride Adventure Services

They offer a keyless, dockless, shared mobility solution having already reached 2.5 million users within a year.

Waste Management: Sukriti Social Foundation

Sukriti’s Eco-Mitra is a self-cleaning and self-maintenance toilet, treating wastewater and reusing it for flushing.

Water and Water Networks: Taraltec Solutions

The startup’s product Taraltec Reactor, decontaminates water and provides clean drinking water to half a million people in India.

Other Winners

Top Incubator: Villgro Innovations Foundation

Villgro’s virtual knowledge tool leverages nearly 200 stakeholders interested in establishing incubators.

Top Accelerator: Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (REAP)

It offers self-contained workspaces across 3 cities along with mentors who have expertise in various disciplines.

Campus Initiated Startups: Genrobotic Innovations

The startup offers human-controlled robots as alternatives to manual scavenging, having already been deployed successfully in various states of India.

Startups Having a Rural Impact: Bodhami

Bodhami is an online learning platform, matching students and jobseekers to counsellors, driving advanced learning interventions.

Women-Led Startups: Azooka Labs

It provides genomic research and molecular diagnostics. Their product Tino Rang is an affordable test for everything from DNA forensics to crop breeding.

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) also launched an online discovery platform for startups called ‘Startup India Showcase’ which will capture details about the startups. It will include startups from across sectors such as fintech, enterprise tech, social impact, health tech, and edtech, among others.

Further, it launched a block chain-based verification system certificates for startups which will allow easy access to startups recognition certificates while minimising falsification.


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