JAC pledges to eliminate corruption

RNS: Corruption continues to undermine the country, state as well as our society. To avert corruption, we all should change our mindset individually, said Durga Oraon, President, Jharkhand Against Corruption (Central Committee).

“In a bid to eliminate corruption everyone should come forward to fight against this social devil,” he added.

Oraon was speaking during a meeting of the Central Working Committee of Jharkhand Against Corruption (JAC) organised at Ranchi Press Club on Wednesday. Chittaranjan Kumar, Convener (Central committee) led the meeting, presided over by Oraon and was conducted by the Organization Secretary Vikrant Jyoti.

Corruption marks the 21 years of Jharkhand. When Jharkhand was carved out from Bihar, there was euphoria that the economically backward region would finally see prosperity with a high tribal population. But the state is looking back at a trail of broken promises and deep-rooted corruption, said Oraon.

JAC was formed in 2012 to fight against corruption, and a scam of four thousand crores by former Chief Minister Madhu Koda was unearthed and the law also punished later many ministers and officials including the former Chief Minister, he said.

But in recent times, we have realised that corruption is increasing day by day at every level. We are aiming to root out corruption; our central committee has been reconstituted recently. We are also at work to reorganise JAC’s district units; will starts the campaign against corruption shortly across the state,” added Oraon.

Addressing the meeting, Chittaranjan said, we have to struggle hard to save our country and society; for this, the common person will also have to participate actively.

Vikrant said we will be engaged in a constant battle to rid the population of corruption; a special action plan will be prepared in the next meeting.

All the newly elected Central Committee members took a pledge to fight against corruption after the meeting.

Central Vice President Ajit Kumar Rana, Sunil Patel, General Secretary Ashis Sinha, Deputy General Secretary Amit Yadav, Joint Secretary Binod Kumar Singh, Devendra Mishra, Organization Minister Satish Kumar, Nipu Singh, Kameshwar Singh, Spokesperson Shailesh Kumar, Media in-charge Ajit Kumar “Johnny”, Sushil Kumar Singh “Sonu”, Treasurer Sujit Mahto, Office Minister Amit Munda, Working Committee member Ramkrishna Tiwari, Dr. Vakil Ahmed, Nandlal Pandit, Shobha Sinha, Ramnath Rai, Shabbir Ahmed, Subedar SN Singh, Ashok Singh, Mo Kalam, Seemant Kumar, Md.  Asjad, Bittu Singh, Sudhir Prasad, Santosh Kumar Singh, Rajkumar Rai, Pramod Yadav, Ranjan Thakur, Siddhanth Singh, Saurav Joshi were present in the meeting.

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