ESL introduces Electric Vehicles

RNS: Aiming to reduce carbon footprint, fossil fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions, ESL— a Vedanta Group Company and a key national steel player introduces electronic vehicles for employees commuting in Bokaro under its ESL Ride Green initiative.

This will help reduce 430 tonnes of carbon emission yearly due to the fuel efficiency of EVs compared to the conventional vehicles that run on petrol or diesel, informed a Public Relations official of ESL.

Additionally, these vehicles are generally quite silent; they produce less or no noise, making them ideal in reducing noise pollution. Furthermore, EVs are extremely safe as there are hardly any inflammable substances used in their production. They are also designed in a manner that makes them less prone to accidents or collisions, said the official.

We are committed to sustainability and aim to completely shift to EVs by 2025, the official added.

Speaking on the occasion, N. L. Vhatte, CEO, ESL Steel Limited, said, ESL is the first business in the Vedanta Group to launch electric vehicles in the plant premises for its employees.

“I am happy to be reaching our aim of completely shifting to EVs, which are the future of India. By converting our cars into EVs, we are now closer to our goal of becoming India’s leading sustainable steel player, and we are working hard to achieve it as soon as possible,” he added.

With the initiative, we also aim to inspire other corporates to follow the sustainability route, which is crucial in keeping India green and clean. “I would like to thank everyone associated with us in this cause and would continue to be caring and act responsibly towards the state of Jharkhand, India, and the planet Earth,” added Vhatte.

To build a sustainable future for India, the Company has been working collaboratively on various electric and hybrid vehicle solutions. Earlier this year on Republic Day, ESL had launched 40 E-cycles and 10 E-scooters under its ESL Rides Green campaign in association with EVeez, an electric vehicle subscription platform. The EVs are currently being used within the plant premises by ESL employees.

During the next phase, ESL plans to convert buses and move closer to its aim of completely shifting to EVs by 2025.

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