IIT Topper dispenses his ‘Success Mantra’ with DPS Bokaro students

Bokaro: The excitement among the students was palpable as Prasoon Kumar Jha, AIR-1 (IIT-JEE) 1993 visited his Alma Mater. Currently working as the Principal Architect, Head of Technology, Wipro, Prasoon who illuminated DPS Bokaro on the academic map of India, shared his success mantra.

Interacting with the students he stressed on the importance of self study, perseverance, sincerity, humility and practice of writing skills that ensures success. He emphasized on the concept of ‘unified studies’ and added that no subject can be ignored. He expressed his gratitude for the school and the teachers especially Mr. A. S. Gangwar who was then his chemistry teacher for laying down a solid foundation of his school education which played an instrumental role in his career building. He said that he is a lifelong learner and shall always remain so. Prasoon shared that he tried his best to keep concepts clear by writing and solving problems on a regular basis apart from having regular discussions with his mates.

Responding to the curiosity of the students, Prasoon said that to achieve success in life one must always remain humble through odds and evens and take lessons from failures which leads to success.

He advised students to cultivate the habit of talking to parents, teachers and friends as every problem in life has a solution. One must not lose patience even in the darkest hour as every cloud has a silver lining. Along with right education, right guidance and proper help is also necessary for the all round development of an individual.

Principal A.S. Gangwar expressed his happiness and said that it is indeed overwhelming to see students excel in their fields of choice and come back to nourish their roots. He extended his best wishes for the glorious future of Prasoon.

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