Bokaro is on a sports culturing crusade.

by Ashis Sinha

SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) is on sports culturing crusade, consentingly catalyzing the much-desired mission of sports culture in India in many ways over the past few years. Bokaro a city in Jharkhand is India’s first Global Active City (GAC) as a part of IOC supported Global Active City campaign.

The GAC label was awarded to the city has implemented physical activities and sports for all management systems, improving governance and efficiency. The GAC programme is fully aligned with the agenda, guidelines and recommendations of UN, WHO, UNESCO all of which aim at improving the health and well being of people as part of sustainable development.

On this move, a cycle rally— “Cycling to Glory” recently held at Bokaro Steel City, aims to mould the city and community into a healthy, happy, spirited and champion city. The event was organised on the Golden Year of the commissioning of SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL).

Speaking on the occasion, BS Popli, CGM I/c (TA) cum Chairman, GAC Committee, SAIL, BSL said, “Building a healthy and active city requires us to consistently improve and extend opportunities in the built and social surroundings as well as community resources so that all of its people can be physically active in their day-to-day life.”

“People in Bokaro are encouraged to participate in sport and walk around on a daily basis as part of an active living strategy. An inclusive development approach based on empowering local communities and groups is the focus of this movement,” he added.

Emphasizing its importance, he said: “Sports have a significant impact on people’s mental and emotional well-being. As a result, the city can maintain a steady growth rate through responsible citizenry.”

The incorporation of regular physical activity into daily life as a means of fostering a more active city culture. Exercise should be done for at least 30 minutes every day; walking, bicycling, fitness activities, sports, using stairs, and visiting recreational facilities are just a few of the options available to people who want to exercise, said Jaideep Sarkar, Lead Officer, Global Active City (GAC) programme.

“In an effort to encourage physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, around thirty playgrounds, open gym, children’s parks are being developed across the city,” he added.

A committee compromising twelve people has been constituted for the expedition, interaction and sustainability for the GAC pogramme includes BS Popli, Krishna Chand GM (F&A), AK Avinash GM (TA/WS), MK Dhan (COC), CRK Sudhanshu DGM CSR, Tripti Chandra Dy CMO (M & HS), Subhash Rajak Sr. Manager (Sports), Saurabh Singh Sr Manager (EMD), Tanu Priya Dy Manager (MM), Jaideep Sarkar Sr. Coach & Lead Officer, S Bhatanager and R Kumbhkar.

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