IIT ISM develops Hydrokinetic Turbines to meet the power crisis

by Ashis Sinha

IIT-ISM Dhanbad has developed a portable Hydrokinetic Turbine that can serve as a source of green energy at a time when reliance on thermal power is being reevaluated in light of the country’s dwindling supply of coal.

Altogether seven such models of hydrokinetic turbines have already been developed by the Institute, out of which the patent application for one has also been filed, informed Rajni Singh, Dean Media & Branding of IIT (ISM).

All this, as the flowing water drives Hydrokinetic Turbines are the cheapest and simplest Hydraulic Turbines which deliver Green Energy without any adverse effect on the environment, she said.

“These Hydrokinetic Turbines can be developed using types of equipment like, turbine, housing/frame, bearing, alternator or generator, and battery in a short span of two days. The Turbines have special significance for a state like Jharkhand, where plenty of water resources are available,” said Shibayan Sarkar, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, who is also the Vice Chairperson of Career Development Centre, PG / Ph D.

Elaborating on the other features of the Hydrokinetic Turbine, Professor Sarkar said, “The Hydrokinetic Turbines are cost-effective and a Turbine of 1 KW capacity can be developed at a cost Rs 2 lakh” and added that the cost increases gradually as per the increase in the capacity of turbines. “Though a turbine can be developed in a short span of time of two days but its installation may take a few months,” pointed out Professor Sarkar.

“The turbines have been developed in the Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machine Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department of the Institute as part of a project funded by SERB” divulged Sarkar.

“We have developed the turbine on a laboratory scale and will provide the design for the same to the relevant persons/organizations to develop the same through PL/3D print/metal on a commercial scale,” said Sarkar.

“As small hydropower are considered one of the future leading contributors of renewable energy and is also quite useful for off-grid areas, so we aim to spread awareness about hydrokinetic turbines among the youth as an alternate source of energy,”  added Professor Sarkar.

Students of schools and colleges interested in the Hydrokinetic Turbine can get a first-hand account of the same by visiting the laboratory of the Institute on prior permission of the Head of the Department of the Mechanical Engineering of the Institute through email too.

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