IIT-ISM team emerges champion at Smart India Hackathon

RNS: Six member team of IIT (ISM) emerges winner at Smart India Hackathon (SIH) at Chandigarh by developing a more attractive and user friendly website for AICTE

A six-member team of IIT (ISM), including one girl proved its mettle and emerged as winner at grand finale of Smart India Hackathon (SIH) held at the nodal centre at Chandigarh University, Chandigarh Punjab on August 25-26 competing with 23 other teams.

The IIT (ISM) team titled WebMaster_ISM , accompanied by two mentors which completely redesigned the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Website as part of their 36 hour brainstorming session at Chandigarh added 10 new special features to the website like virtual on screen key board, referral system for course selling and buying, text to speech converter, multi lingual support with Geolocation, Chatbot, searching features, reduction of loading time, visual for colour blinds, security features besides notification system and recommendation systems that will completely upgrade the website.

The team comprising of 3rd year B Tech students including Ashutosh Singh (Mechanical Engineering), Subham Kumar Kurrey (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Abhishek Gurav (Environmental Engineering), Kundan Kumar Kushwaha (Mining Engineering), Mejar Kumar (Electrical Engineering) and Rajvi (Mathematics and Computing)which dealt with the problem of AICTE among total six problem statements assigned for Chandigarh Nodal Centre have added multiple web tools to the website which enhances the security, user experience and SEO of the website.

Aman Harsh, a B Tech Final Year, Mathematics and Computing students of IIT (ISM) which accompanied the team as one of two mentors other than Final Year Mining Engineering student, Amarsh Jain said “ Our team went through all pages of old website of AICTE and detected several lacunae which can be improved upto to increase the user interaction.

Divulging more details he said the virtual Onscreen keyboard added by us will help to write anything into the input field without original keyboard while the speech to text converter will help when the user is not able read the details.

Regarding the Chatbot added to the website Harsh said that it will respond to the user queries related to AICTE schemes and policies while the addition of searching buttons will allow the user to write and speak to search anything into the website.

“Due to diversity of language in our country it is not possible for every user to read the information available on the website in English so we have added Multi Lingual Support with Geo Location as per which the website language will get changed as per the IP address of the user” elaborated Harsh.

“We won prize money of Rs 1 lakh and will be reaching back to our institute on August 28 at 4 am,” said Aman Harsh adding that the entire credit of their success goes to quality education they received at IIT (ISM) under the leadership of Director, Professor Rajiv Shekhar.

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