DPS Chas hosts new students investiture ceremony

RNS I Bokaro: Inculcating leadership quality among students, DPS Chas students elected a new student council for the session 2022-23 and conferred badges to the newly elected students in an Investiture Ceremony “Prathisthapan” held at the school campus today. Chas SDO Dileep Pratap Singh Shekhawat was the Chief Guest on the occasion along with Suresh Agarwal – Secretary – D S Memorial Society, Chas and the Officiating Principal Deepali Bhuskute

The school acknowledged the budding young leaders and reposed the truth in them. The ceremony began with the welcoming of the guests of eminence who lit the auspicious lamp. A welcome dance was also presented by the talented students of the school showing intense devotion towards Lord Ganesha – the Lord of Beginnings.

The eligibility for enrolment to the student council was determined through an interview and voting by the students and teachers imbibing the value of democracy. Saksham Jha was designated as the Head Boy and Vaibhavi Gunjan the Head Girl, both from class XI, Sourav Pandey of class XI became the Vice Head Boy and Vaishnavi Ranjan of class IX was designated as the Vice Head Girl, Rakshit Raj of class IX was declared as the Cultural Secretary, Anvi Raj of class IX was elected as the Literary Secretary and Anuj Kumar of class IX was elected as the Sports Secretary for the session 2022-23. All took an oath of duty and secrecy for their respective departments. Along with this, the newly elected House Captains, Vice House Captains and Prefects also took an oath to follow the rules of the school, maintain coordination and cooperation among their peers and to uplift the ideals of the school.

In his address, the Chief Guest congratulated the newly appointed school prefectural board for their preparedness to take responsibility. He said that each one is uniquely different with some potential imbibed. One should find ways to enhance those. Inclusivity should be the aim in everything that we do. Success will follow one who meticulously labours.

In her message, the Chief Mentor of the school, Dr Hemlata S Mohan congratulated the newly elected members of the Student Council and said, “Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow.” Throwing light on the importance of the Student Council, she said, “It is a practical experiment to develop a sense of mutual cooperation and coordination among the students to understand the responsibility of the future. Playing the roles, they will learn well the skills of leadership, observe the development in their confidence and gain perfection in the accomplishment of the duties assigned to them. This responsibility is an added glory in the life of a student.”

The Officiating Principal, Deepali Bhuskute congratulated the newly elected member on their new roles and big responsibilities. She said, “This is the most crucial period of the student’s life, for it is during this period that they will be able to experience and experiment with the taste of power.”

She said, “The batch has a glory which will transform the personality and shape the thoughts. Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” She advised the council and the students to use positions as the power to benefit others and not let the trappings of titles or status clouds our judgments.” To support her words, she read out the anecdote titled ‘The Ceramic and Styrofoam Cup’ from Simon Sinek’s masterful work ‘Leaders Eat Last’.

The school is striving laboriously to impact the school and community positively with strong and confident individuals.

The votes of thanks were proposed by Aditi Subham the Ex Vice-Captain. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.

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