Twitter accounts impersonating without clearly specifying parody will be suspended: Elon Musk

RNS: Twitter will permanently suspend any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying parody, tweeted Elon Musk.

In a series of tweets today, just days after he took over one of the world’s most influential social media platforms he also said any name change at all will cause a temporary loss of verified checkmarks and there will be no warning before a suspension. This will be clearly identified as a condition for signing up for Twitter Blue.

He further added that widespread verification will democratize journalism and empower the voice of the people. He said that Twitter needs to become by far the most accurate source of information about the world.

Twitter also confirmed yesterday that it will revise its user verification process. Without giving more details, Elon Musk said the whole verification process is being revamped right now.

Twitter is considering charging for the coveted blue check mark verifying the identity of its account holder, technology newsletter Platformer has reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The CEO of Tesla Inc has not made a final decision and the project could still be scrapped but according to Platformer, it is likely that verification will become a part of Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue was launched in June last year as the platform’s first subscription service, which offers “exclusive access to premium features” on a monthly subscription basis including an option to edit tweets.

The feature to edit tweets was also made available earlier this month after Musk launched a Twitter poll in April asking his millions of followers whether they wanted an edit button. Over 70 percent had said yes.


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