CMA classes begin in January 2023 at Chandrapura

RNS: Chandrapura Chapter of Cost & Accountancy will begin holding regular classes from January 2023. Students in the area are ecstatic that the institute, which is located next to the Officer’s Club in Chandrapur, is finally operational.

The decision has been taken in a meeting between students and instructors at the Chandrapura Study Center of Cost Accountants. The students got benefited from the advice given to them on how to best approach the CMA certification exam.

Students taking the January 2023 examination will be given a crash course. Regular classes will begin in January 2023 for students taking the June 2023 examination. The study will provide all of the assistance to the female students in their studies, allowing them to complete the syllabus in the shortest amount of time possible. They will save time and money by not having to travel outside of Chandrapura to study for the CMA course.

Dr. GP Rout, Rahul Director, Rudra Kumar Shukla, Secretary Chandrapura and Kundam Kumar along with students Adil Faiz, Vibha Kumari, Bablu Kumar, Bablu Kumar, Ritika Rani, Imran Ansari, Nitin Kumar and Satpreet Kaur were during the meeting.

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