US unveils B-21 newest nuclear stealth bomber

RNS: United States Air Force revealed its newest nuclear stealth bomber, the B-21 on Saturday, which is intended to progressively replace the aircraft that was initially flown during the height of the Cold War.

The first brand-new bomber to be developed in the last three decades may have a price tag of close to 700 million dollars per and will be able to carry both nuclear and conventional weaponry. To this point, there has been no disclosure of any precise details.

However, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that this was a demonstration of the United States’ unrivalled superiority in invention and innovation.

Even the most advanced air defence systems will have a difficult time detecting the B-21 when it is flying in the sky, said Austin, adding, “The plane will offer considerable advancements over the existing bombers in the US fleet. Midway through the year 2023 is when we anticipate seeing the first flight of a B-21.”

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