Dr. Birendra wins Gold Medal for easy elbow fracture treatment in kids

by Ashis Sinha

RNS: Dr. Birendra Kumar, Chief Consultant, Department of Orthopedics, Bokaro General Hospital (BGH) has been awarded the Gold Medal in the recently held National Orthopedic Conference in Amritsar.

He was recognised for inventing the Joy Stick Technique, a non-invasive approach that allows children with elbow fractures (complex supracondylar humerus) to recover in as little as 15–20 minutes.

The operation to treat this kind of fracture used to take about an hour and a half, the patient had to make a long incision, and the scar from the incision remained even after the operation was complete. Before Dr. Birendra developed this new method, the operation to treat this kind of fracture took about that long. In addition, the scar left behind by the incision stayed on the patient for the rest of their lives.

At the SB Medical College in Hazaribagh, where he was a professor, Dr. Birender provided training on the Joystick technique to orthopedic experts from the state the year before. He also presented this novel treatment to medical professionals at the national level. Additionally, the article on the joystick technique written by Dr. Birendra and his team at BGH and published in the British Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology may also be found in the International Journal of Research in Orthopaedics.

This innovative approach that Dr. Birendra had devised was highly appreciated at the National Orthopedic Conference. This procedure is not only straightforward, but it is also risk-free, economical, and helpful to patients for a variety of additional reasons. Because of these factors, the Joy Stick Technique is currently gaining popularity among orthopedists.

This approach, which has successfully treated elbow fractures in children at BGH and has benefited hundreds of children, is already being used. DNB trainees at BGH are also receiving instruction in this methodology from Dr. Birendra and his team.

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