Russia will continue to strike Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, warns Putin

RNS: Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has threatened that Russia will continue to strike Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Putin stated that the attacks on Ukraine’s key infrastructure were a response to the explosion that occurred in October during a ceremony in the Kremlin. The explosion occurred on a bridge connecting Russia to the Crimean peninsula. Moscow holds Ukraine responsible for the incident.

According to Ukrainian government sources, Russian forces have deployed numerous missile launchers at the nuclear power facility in Zaporizhzhia, which is now shut down.

In a statement, the Ukrainian nuclear business Energoatom claimed that Russian soldiers now holding the plant had deployed several Grad multiple rocket launchers close to one of the complex’s six nuclear reactors, even though all of the reactors are currently down.

According to the report, the offensive systems are hidden under new “protective structures” that the Russians have covertly constructed, which “violates all standards for nuclear and radiation safety.”

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