AAP accuses BJP of horse-trading after winning MCD poll —alleged Rs 100 cr to buy 10 councillors

RNS: Aam Admi Party (AAP), which won in the Delhi municipal elections, has alleged that the BJP is attempting to buy off their newly elected councillors and has allotted Rs 100 crore budget toward this objective.

AAP, which has won 134 wards of the total 250, alleged that the BJP had set a budget of Rs 100 crore to bribe 10 AAP councillors so as to elect their (BJP) mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). It has requested the Election Commission to intervene.

Sanjay Singh, senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha member alleged in a press conference that the BJP has come down to its “dirty games”; by going all out to get their mayor elected by offering Rs 50 lakh for cross-voting to AAP councillors.

Singh asserted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was engaging in political manoeuvring despite the fact that they had lost 80 seats in comparison to the election before this one.

Through the use of financial coercion and threats, in his words, the BJP was “trying to murder democracy and insult the people’s mandate.”

“BJP is such a ruthless political party that it boasts that they will win the election for mayor,” he added.

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