Bokaro all set to hold Half Marathon with beamer ray sensors, electronic semiconductor chips

by Ashis Sinha

Bokaro Steel City is ready to run with national runners aiming to create awareness about health and sports among the mass on 22 January.

SAIL-Bokaro is going to be organised Half Marathon completely modern, in which, for the first time, the sensor will record the timing of the runners by beamer ray and electronic semiconductor chips will be installed on the bibs or chest numbers. Many renowned runners from Jharkhand, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune including other cities of the country have given their consent to participate in this event, informed B S Popli, Chairman of Global Active City Committee, Bokaro and Chief General Manager, Town Administration at SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL).

“As the only city in the country to participate in the Global Active City Mission, a programme backed by the International Olympic Committee, Bokaro is making strides toward becoming a global leader in the field of health and wellness,” said Popli.

“In honour of SAIL’s Golden Anniversary, a Half Marathon will be held as part of this campaign. Top finishers at the Bokaro Half Marathon are eligible to compete in world-class marathons like the Boston Marathon, the London Marathon, the New York City Marathon, and the Mumbai Marathon in India because of the prestige of this event and the considerable prize money it offers,” he added.

“This Half Marathon will be held in four categories. First is 21 kms run, the second is10 kms and the third category are 5 kms run while the fourth one is 2 kms only for specially-abled persons,” informed Jaideep Sarkar, Lead Officer, Global Active Partner City Programme cum International Volleyball Coach

“In the first category (21 kms run), the first prize will Rs 10,000, the second prize Rs 7,500 and the third prize will be Rs 5,000. In the 10 km race, the first prize will be Rs 6,000, the second prize Rs 4,000 and the third prize Rs 2,000 and in the 5 km race, the first prize will be Rs 6,000, the second prize is Rs 4,000, the third prize is Rs 2,000. While in fourth or special abled category (2 kms run) the first prize will Rs 6,000, the second prize Rs 4,000 and the third prize will be Rs 2,000,” added Jaideep.

“We assume that around 4500 people will participate in the event,” he said.

Notably, BSL recently launched ‘Happy Street’ initiative in the steel City Bokaro to encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles. This initiative has put a smile on the faces of Bokarites and renewed vitality in their bodies.

The goal of the ‘Happy Street’ programme is to promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging people to engage in physical activities and make use of modes of non-motorist transport, he said.

The theme of  ‘Happy Street’ revolves around revelry on the street. Anything goes out on the street. There aren’t many ways to relax while travelling. He continued, “We can do anything we want: play basketball, table tennis, cricket, box, yoga, karate, make music, sing, dance, jog, paint, or anything else.”


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