Jaideep recognises for promoting sports & volleyball

RNS: Jaideep Sarkar, international volleyball instructor and Lead Officer of the Global Active City Mission, operating in Bokaro, was honoured at the All India Volleyball Tourney in Bihar for his outstanding contribution to the progress and promotion of Sports and Volleyball.

Shahnawaz Hussain, an ex-Sports Minister, Government of India, honoured Jaideep with a memento during an event organized during the tourney.

Jaideep is also an active board member of the Pierre de Coubertin Association of India, the national body related to Olympic education in the country. Earlier, he was conferred with Dr BR Ambedkar National Award at India International Center in Delhi.

Jaideep bagged the award for social upliftment and development of Olympism and Global Active City Mission at Bokaro in Jharkhand by Dr BR Ambedkar National Award Committee, a national unit of the United Nations Special Advisory Committee, supported by the International Olympic Committee.

A few weeks ago, Jaideep had a meeting with N. N. Sinha, who is the OSD & Steel Secretary (designated) for the Government of India. During this meeting, they talk about the contemporary yet significant matter of Sports Culturing & Sports promotion, particularly in light of the fact that Bokaro is the first Global Active Partner City (GAC) in India and has advanced Mission sports culturing through the multifaceted atmosphere of sports.


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