Jharkhand girl Anjali strengthens the hope ‘I CAN’ in disables

Bokaro: Crutches are very helpful for physically challenged people to walk, but these crutches don’t support a movement for a longer period of time. In such a situation, making this common support special, Anjali Sharma, a student of Class IX of DPS Bokaro, (in Jharkhand) has innovated a support system of courage for the disabled. She has designed crutches which is equipped with hi-tech facilities and also transformed them into a chair as per the demand of the situation. When a person gets tired of walking, the adjustable seat on both sides of the crutches joins together and transforms into a chair. Anjali’s ‘All in One Hand Crutches’, has been selected for the ambitious Inspire Award, a Government of India initiative, this year. She has also been provided with an incentive of Rs 10,000 by the government to complete her project.

Crutches with GPS and SOS calling
The crutches is installed with GPS to trace the precise location of the person and can be shared with the family members. The family members can see where the person is and which route is taken by the person. Not only this, in case of an emergency, it will also make a direct call to the next of kin. Anjali said that in the device, she has also installed an automatic calling facility with sensors, MCU (Micro Controller Unit), SIM card etc. If the person falls while walking, the device detects the unexpected jerk on the crutches, and a call is automatically made to the relatives with the help of the sensor. For this, phone numbers are required to be fed into the computer, plus coding in the MCU is required. Apart from the automatic calling sensor, she is also working on the facility of calling from the emergency push button. Apart from this, Anjali has also made an automatic calling watch for the safety of girls, for which she was selected for the Inspire Award last year. The same technology has also been weaved into this support system.

Padded support for shoulders
Anjali has made specific arrangements in her crutches that can adjust according to the length or convenience of the person. Cushioned support makes it reliable and comfortable for continuous use. LED torch has also been installed in it so that the disabled do not have any difficulty in walking in the dark. For outdoor use, it also has a mesh pocket for buying fruits and vegetables and a waterproof pocket to keep mobile and other essential documents safe. There is even a shock absorber to protect the user from any jerking on the road.

Crisis leading to inspiration
Anjali said she was in the fifth standard when her father underwent knee ligament surgery. In those days, he used to walk with the help of crutches. He faced problems in executing his basic and most common chores. It was very difficult to walk, especially in the dark. Once, he fell down and got hurt. Since then, the idea of making a special crutch has been developing in her mind, which she has now brought to reality. In this work, the guiding teacher from school, Md. Obaidullah Ansari guided her to make her dream come true. Anjali, the promising daughter of BSL officer Anant Kumar Gaurav and teacher Rakhi Gaurav, aspires to become an IAS officer after graduating in IT. She has good exposure and experience in robotics.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, Principal, DPS Bokaro, described this innovation as important, commendable and revolutionary. Appreciating Anjali’s attempt, he said that this support system is a boon for the disabled. He appreciated Anjali’s innovative aspirations and said, “Anjali has once again brought laurels to the school and the city by being selected for the Inspire Manak Award”. He encouraged other students to participate in such competitions because it brings out the perseverance to achieve something extraordinary, establishing their unique traits.



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