India-US partnership to make world better in 21st century: PM Modi

RNS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his belief that the collaboration between India and the United States will contribute to a better world in the 21st century. He emphasized that the India-US partnership is founded on conviction and compassion, and it enjoys bipartisan support, representing a strong and enduring friendship.

During his interaction with members of the Indian community at the Ronald Reagan Centre in Washington D.C, the Prime Minister highlighted the recent advancements in the India-US partnership.

He described it as a journey focused on “Make in India, Make for the world,” emphasizing the joint efforts to enhance technology transfer, deepen manufacturing cooperation, and strengthen coordination in the industrial supply chain.

Drawing attention to the potential of India-US defense industrial cooperation, Prime Minister Modi hailed General Electric’s decision to manufacture fighter jet engines in India as a significant milestone for the country’s defense sector. He also noted that the Artemis Accord signed by India and America holds great promise for the space sector. Furthermore, he mentioned major investments by US companies like Google, Micron, and Applied Materials in India, which will create numerous employment opportunities.

The Prime Minister disclosed that new US consulates will be established in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, simplifying the H1B visa renewal process by enabling it to be done within the United States. This development is particularly beneficial for Indian IT professionals who will no longer need to leave the US for visa renewal.

Regarding India’s progress, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the country’s rapid growth, which has had a transformative impact on countless lives. He underscored that a strong and developed India contributes to global well-being. The Prime Minister applauded the unprecedented digital revolution India has experienced in recent years and highlighted the self-confidence of its 1.4 billion citizens, which fuels the nation’s growth. He stated that New India is aware of its direction, unambiguous in its decisions, and effectively turning its potential into achievements.

Expressing his appreciation for the Indian community’s role in strengthening the US-India relationship, the Prime Minister took pride in witnessing the presence of Indian products in the United States and the leadership of talented Indians in global companies. He also highlighted the global participation in Yoga Day at the United Nations Headquarters, which fills Indians with pride.

Referring to India as the mother of democracy and America as a champion of advanced democracy, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the increasing strength of the partnership between these two great democracies. While acknowledging that the United States is India’s largest trading partner and export destination, he emphasized the untapped potential of their collaboration. He urged the Indian community to actively contribute to the country’s development by supporting and investing in India’s MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) and young entrepreneurs.

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