Songs of Unity in Honor of the Kargil Vijay Martyrs

RNS I Bokaro: The Inter-House Group Song Competition, which was organized as part of the ongoing Cultural Week Celebrations ‘Tarang’ at DPS Bokaro, was packed with the spirit of patriotism and musical excellence.

During the occasion on Wednesday, students sang stirring patriotic songs in honour of the martyrs of the Kargil War, filling the entire campus with a sense of pride.

Each of the six houses sent representatives dressed in bright tricoloured costumes to perform musical numbers. Inspiring fervour with “Hum bhavishya hain, hum hain bhavi bharat ki pehchan,” “Chitrakar tu chitra bana de un sainik matwalon ka,” and “Chal pade kadam jis ore,” respectively, were the performances by Raavi, Chenab, and Ganga Houses, respectively.

Each of the three houses, sang a different song: “Utho apne watan ke liye bazi lga do…” in Jhelum House, “Koti-Koti kanthon ne gaya…” in Jamuna House, and “Suraj badle chanda badle…” in Sutlej House.

When everything was said and done, Sutlej House had taken First Place, Chenab House had taken Second Place, and Ganga House had taken Third Place in a three-way tie for the remaining spots. Primary Wing teachers Jai Prakash Sinha, Nimesh Rathore, and Priyanka served as judges.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, Principal of DPS Bokaro, praised the kids’ enthusiastic participation and the efforts of the campers, Abhishek Anand and Kumari Kripa, for putting on an inspirational presentation that set the tone of the performances. He also praised the teachers, wardens, and the art education department for their hard work in preparing the pupils for their performances.

Dr. Gangwar argued that events like this are crucial for encouraging students to work together and take risks. He presented a bouquet of flowers to Phool Kumar Choubey, a veteran of the Kargil conflict and a member of the school’s senior physics faculty, to thank him for his service to the country.

The ceremony honoured the heroic martyrs of the Kargil War and highlighted the unbreakable national pride and solidarity they represent.

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