India to celebrate 23rd August as National Space Day

In a significant development for the Indian space program and the nation’s aspirations in space exploration, the Indian government has announced the establishment of August 23rd as National Space Day.

Addressing the ISRO scientists in Bengaluru today (August 26) PM, Modi declared that August 23, the day of the soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon, will be commemorated as ‘National Space Day’.

“National Space Day will celebrate the spirit of Science, Technology and Innovation, and inspire us for an eternity,” he added.

The Prime Minister also urged that the Central and State Governments, as well as Universities, to conduct a National Hackathon to brainstorm ideas for improving governance and finding answers to challenges.

He also announced a National Quiz programme on Chandrayaan 3 on the MyGov platform. He urged scholars to examine our old books and reveal to the world our ancestors’ great understanding of astrology and astronomy.

PM said that Arya Bhatta, Varahamihira, and Bhaskaracharya discovered the round shape of the Earth and that it moves in space on an axis. Our forefathers predicted eclipse dates and created Panchangs for years ahead.

In his emotional speech at the ISRO command centre in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Chandrayaan 3’s success as “not only a historical occasion when the Indian tricolour was placed on the Moon but an important development in the history of India that will inspire and evoke a sense of pride in our youngsters to dedicate their lives to the future of science and technology.”

PM stated that this accomplishment had sown the seed of aspiration that would blossom into a large tree of confidence to make India develop by 2047.

This marvellous progress has elevated India from a third-world country to a position of strength. ISRO now ranks #1 among spacefaring nations.

The Prime Minister stated his intrinsic desire to have the ‘darshan’ of ISRO scientists who have made India proud and saluted them and all those who have earned the uncommon honour of taking India to the Moon.

He emphasised that during his international debates, his thoughts were on the Chandrayaan expedition and the scientists who laboured tirelessly to make it happen. He praised their hard work, dedication, excitement, and tenacity.

“SRO scientists have blown the conch in space and taken India to the Moon”, he said.

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