62-days-long Amarnath Yatra concludes with divine ‘Arti’

RNS: The 62-day Amarnath Yatra, which began on July 1, ended on Thursday, August 31, with a divine ‘arti’ at the sacred Shri Amarnath Cave Shrine in Jammu and Kashmir.

Lord Shiva’s sacred mace, Chhari Mubarak, was revered on this solemn occasion. Mahant Deependra Giri escorted Chhari Mubarak to Lord Shiva’s cave sanctuary with a retinue of monks and authorities. This year’s Amarnath Yatra ended with Raksha Bandhan, a significant celebration.

Mahant Deependra Giri said, “Chhari Mubarak arrived in Panjtarni yesterday for an overnight stay, and early this morning, it travelled to the cave shrine for the final rituals before Purnima on Thursday.”

The Cave Shrine began the Shravan Purnima puja on Thursday morning. With Vedic chanting, the ancient rituals were carefully followed to move Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s sacred maces to Swami Amarnath Shrine. This divine sanctuary sits at 13,500 feet in the Kashmir Himalayas, offering stunning views.

The scrupulous observation of tradition and profound spirituality that infused every stage of the puja elevated the Amarnath Yatra beyond its physical limits. It showed followers’ unwavering faith in the almighty endured the harsh environment of the Himalayas.

The Amarnath Yatra ends but continues the spiritual journey, leaving an indelible impact on the pilgrims’ hearts and souls. Respect for Lord Shiva and a deep sense of accomplishment produce an experience that transcends the physical world, reminding us of the strength of faith and dedication.

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