Employee dedication propels DVC to new heights: Pandey

#CTPS bids farewell to 12 retired employees

RNS: In a heartwarming ceremony, 12 employees bid farewell to their service at Chandrapur Thermal Power Station (CTPS), a Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) unit.

The retirement cum honour program witnessed the Chief General Manager, Project Head, and other executives bestowing tokens of appreciation upon the retirees, including bouquets, saplings, and gifts.

Sunil Kumar Pandey, the Chief General Manager and Project Head of Damodar Valley Corporation spoke with admiration about the organisation’s remarkable progress, attributing it solely to the unwavering dedication of its diligent staff.

In his address, he extended his best wishes for a healthy and prosperous future to the retiring employees.

He emphasized that even in retirement, they would forever remain valued members of the DVC family. Pandey expressed his happiness at the presence of the family members of the retirees, enhancing the warmth of the occasion.

Sharing the sentiment, Rampravesh Shah, Senior General Manager, expressed his appreciation for the robust contributions of the retiring employees.

He acknowledged their significant role in steering DVC’s progress to its present state and emphasized the pivotal impact each individual’s dedication has had on the organization. Comparing the evolution of DVC’s plant establishment and production capacity from the past to the present, Shah underscored the indispensable role played by the dedicated workforce. He noted that the absence of such hardworking individuals would inevitably be felt by all.

In his parting words, Shah encouraged the retired personnel to continue their legacy of contributing positively to society, underlining the importance of making a meaningful impact beyond their professional journey.

As these 12 DVC Kurmi employees step into a new phase of their lives, their years of dedication and hard work remain a testament to the corporation’s growth and progress.

Deputy General Managers KK Singh, Manvendra Priyadarshi, Rajeev Ranjan, Manoj Kumar Jha, Dilip Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Kanchan Kumari, Lalmohan Pandey, and Umesh Kumar Sharma. Manjhi, Lady Mahato, Mahesh Mahato, Mangra Mahto, Shanti Tantu Bai, Suresh Mahto, Kisun Mahto, Vishwanath Mahto, Shanichar Pandit, Bhola Pandit, Bansi Mahto, Geeta Devi, and other retired servicemen were also addressed.

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