A worker dies at Bokaro Steel Plant


Bokaro: A worker died at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) in the wee hours on Monday.

Nehru Karmali (54), a dedicated payroll, employee of BSL, was on duty at the CRM-II, when the unforeseen incident occurred around 2:30 am. Witnesses reported that Karmali fainted while performing his duties. Swiftly responding to the situation, co-workers rushed to his aid and immediately transported him to the plant’s primary health center. Recognizing the severity of his condition, the medical personnel at the health centre referred him to Bokaro General Hospital (BGH).

Tragically, despite all efforts, Karmali was declared brought dead upon arrival at BGH.

According to fellow workers, Karmali was fulfilling his responsibilities during the night shift at the zero level. Around 2:30 a.m., he fell unconscious due to a leakage of mixed gases. The gases in question were both dense and perilously toxic. The rapid deterioration of his health due to exposure to the poisonous mixture led to his tragic passing within a matter of minutes.

While the workers assert that the incident was a result of gas leakage, the BSL management has refuted these claims. BSL’s Public Relations Officer, MK Dhan, stated, “The exact cause of the death will be determined once the postmortem report is available. We are eagerly awaiting the report.”

The BSL management, however, took a step towards addressing the situation by offering a job opportunity to the kin of the deceased, following discussions with Union members.

An official investigation into the incident has been launched, with further details yet to be unveiled.

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