“A successful teacher has students’ love, trust & belief”: Sulagna

#DPS Bokaro Conducts Two-Day Workshop on Classroom Management

RNS: A Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management was organised in DPS Bokaro on 3rd and 4th of September 2023. The workshop served as a platform for educators to enhance their skills and strategies in managing classrooms effectively in today’s dynamic educational landscape, ultimately contributing to the betterment of students and society as a whole.

“The foundation of shaping responsible citizens for the nation begins in the classroom. Children are an invaluable asset to society and their development towards the progress of the nation commences right in the classrooms.

Time management, discipline, curriculum and maintaining a harmonious relationship with students are crucial aspects of education.

A successful teacher is one who wins the affection, trust, and belief of their students,” said Sulagna Aich, Head of the Department of Social Studies at Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur.

The two-day specialized training program concluded today, with Ms. Sulagna Aich as one of the Resource Persons. In addition, the workshop also featured Senior Educator Ms. Rashmi Sharma, who was recently honoured as the Best Teacher from Ranchi, as Co Resource Person. A total of 60 teachers from Dhanbad and Bokaro participated in this capacity-building program.

Sharma highlighted the increasing pressure on children from their parents regarding academics, which requires teachers to understand their emotions, listen to their concerns and employ effective teaching strategies in a supportive and empathetic environment. “Post-pandemic, maintaining the attentiveness and engagement of children in the classroom poses a significant challenge. Providing them with opportunities to develop according to their nature and offering multifaceted career options is essential for their success,” she added.

During the workshop, written and oral question-answer sessions were conducted for participating teachers, and various activities were also organized.

Dr A.S. Gangwar, Principal, DPS Bokaro emphasized the significance of such workshops in the holistic development of students. He stated that proper classroom management not only shapes a teacher but also ensures the success of the students.

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