CTPS observes Teachers’ Day with Zeal, felicitates educators

RNS: Damodar Valley Corporation’s (DVC) Chandrapur Thermal Power Station (CTPS) management reverberated with festive spirit as Teachers’ Day was celebrated with grandeur. A felicitation ceremony marked the occasion for the teachers who play a crucial role in shaping minds and nurturing future generations.

In a gathering held within the conference room of Unit 7-8, Chief General Manager and Project Head Sunil Kumar Pandey, along with Senior General Manager Rampravesh Shah, expressed their gratitude and admiration for the dedicated educators. Flower bunches and mementoes were presented to the teachers as a gesture of recognition and appreciation.

Chief General Manager Sunil Kumar Pandey, while addressing the gathering, emphasized the significant role of teachers in shaping a prosperous society. Referring to India as Vishwa Guru, he highlighted the immense contributions made by teachers.

He stressed that a well-guided society is built upon the foundations laid by capable and dedicated educators. He called for introspection on this day and underlined the importance of respecting and cherishing the role of teachers.

Senior General Manager Rampravesh Shah acknowledged the pivotal contribution of teachers in nation-building and advocated for the reverence of gurus. He underscored that knowledge, often equated with divinity, is imparted through teachers. The pursuit of progress, he stated, is fostered when teachers and students share a deep passion for education.

Manager AK Chandrashekhar encouraged teachers to maintain their commitment to their calling. He emphasized that teaching goes beyond conveying facts; it involves nurturing curiosity and a strong command over language. He highlighted that the symbiotic relationship between students and teachers is essential for fostering a vibrant learning environment.

During the event, retired teacher Gangaram Bhandari, who received special recognition, eloquently illuminated the value of education and the instrumental role teachers play in shaping the educational landscape.

He called upon fellow teachers to uphold their dignity while significantly contributing to education. He affirmed this is pivotal in the government’s endeavour to build a prosperous society.

Well-known educational figures, including Kendriya Vidyalaya Principal Vijay and DVC +2 Vidyalaya Principal Amulya Singh Sardar, shared their insights on education’s role in the development of society.

Many teachers were felicitated for their dedication and hard work, including Gangaram Bhandari, along with Ranjit Kumar Nirala, Nemdhari Mahato, Ramji Rajak, Vikas Oraon, Manorama Singh, Nishi Priya, CS Prasad, Pushp Lata, Bhubaneshwar Mahato, and others.

The celebration stood as a testament to the invaluable contributions of educators in shaping the nation’s future.

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