“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges”

RNS: Teacher’s Day, dedicated to recognizing the unsung heroes of education, was filled with gratitude and acknowledgement for the tireless work, devotion, and essential contributions made by teachers in moulding the nation’s future.

DPS Chas students celebrated this day with zeal and zeal, generating a lively tone in the educational atmosphere.

The school’s auditorium came alive as the heart of the celebration, infused with infectious excitement. The student body of class XII embraced their teachers’ roles for the day, stepping into their shoes to conduct the proceedings. The morning commenced with a reverent assembly, where students paid homage to the eminent educator, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

In a heartfelt gesture, students expressed gratitude to their teachers by presenting flowers and handcrafted cards. The student council orchestrated a captivating program that featured a harmonious melody performed by the school choir and a stunning dance number executed by the talented female students, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present.

The celebration not only radiated joy but also recognized educators’ dedication and hard work. Several teachers were honoured for their unwavering commitment to their profession, rekindling their passion for the noble journey they have embarked upon.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Hemlata S Mohan, Chief Mentor of DPS Chas, highlighted the pivotal role of discipline in nurturing stability in our lives. She emphasized discipline cultivates responsibility and respect in all our endeavours, shaping individuals into responsible citizens.

In her message, the Officiating Principal of DPS Chas, Deepali Bhuskute, extended warm wishes on Teacher’s Day and reflected upon the unique and cherished bond between teachers and students. Acknowledging teachers as guiding lights, she underscored their role in instilling essential values, principles, and ethics that steer us throughout life.

On this special occasion, the Secretary of the DS Memorial Society, Suresh Agarwal, extended his heartfelt wishes to every teacher, recognizing their exceptional role in nurturing the nation’s future.

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