BSL Managers develop Accurate 5.0 Automated Coating System; win top honors

#Clinches First Place in CII (Eastern Region) Productivity Awards

Bokaro: In a remarkable feat of innovation, two young managers from Bokaro Steel Limited’s CRM-III department, Prashant Kumar Singh (Senior Manager) and Parichay Bhattacharjee (Manager), have developed the Automated Coating Control Using Regression Approach Towards Enterprise (Accurate 5.0) system.

Their ingenuity and dedication have earned them the prestigious first prize in the CII (Eastern Region) Productivity Awards.

Accurate 5.0 represents a groundbreaking in-house creation, revolutionizing the prediction, monitoring, and control of zinc coating weight within Continuous Galvanizing lines at CRM-III. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, and Cloud Computing, this state-of-the-art system relies on multivariate polynomial regression analysis, employing a dataset of over 30,000 tuples to generate an equation for forecasting coating weight.

This equation is seamlessly displayed within the SCADA system, enabling operators to make real-time adjustments with inputs like line speed, air pressure, horizontal position, and lip gap, all obtained from the field. The system continuously fine-tunes its regression coefficients, currently operating with an astonishing accuracy of +1 GSM (greater than 99%).

What sets Accurate 5.0 apart is that it was conceived and constructed entirely from the ground up by the dynamic young managers at BSL, requiring no specialized hardware, thus rendering it a cost-effective endeavour.

The system has been seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems, yielding significant reductions in zinc consumption and elevating product quality.

In sum, Accurate 5.0 emerges as a cost-efficient and potent solution for precise prediction, monitoring, and control of zinc coating weight in galvanized products. This innovative project promises an impressive annual recurring cost savings of Rs 17.83 crore for the plant.

Prashant and Parichay, the architects behind this groundbreaking system, recently showcased their solution at the CII (Eastern Region) Productivity Awards, where they clinched the top prize on behalf of SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant.

Furthermore, the duo successfully filed an Indian patent to safeguard the technology and design of their invention, securing a legacy of innovation for BSL.

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