DPS Chas hosts a workshop for Teachers on “Achievement and Test Items”

RNS: Delhi Public School Chas, Bokaro, held a workshop for teachers on “Achievement Tests and Drafting Tests Items,” is a common tool used in education to assess student knowledge and skills over a specific period.

The workshop began on an optimistic note with a lamp-lighting ceremony and Shloka chanting. Dr. Naveen Sharma, Director of DPS Chas, and Jose Thomas, Dean Academics, welcomed the resource person, Surajit Sen, Principal of Jharkhand Public School, Dhanbad, and presented him with a sapling.

During the session, Sen emphasized the significance of Achievement Tests and Drafting Test Items, which serve as fundamental educational tools to gauge students’ understanding of specific subjects.

These tests are meticulously designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills acquired over a defined period.

Sen stressed the importance of fostering critical thinking, inquiry, and reasoning through the questions posed in these assessments. He highlighted the need for students to evaluate, synthesize, and apply their ideas to solve problems, underlining the role of teachers in nurturing these skills. The workshop also explored holistic development, curriculum flexibility, and the integration of technology in teaching methodologies.

A key aspect of the workshop was to provide teachers with insights into the implications of the new Education policy and its impact on teaching and learning. Sen encouraged educators to adopt a learner-centric approach, focusing on the unique needs and interests of individual students.

Dr. Hemlata S. Mohan, Chief Mentor of DPS Chas Bokaro, conveyed her belief that the workshop would empower teachers to create effective test items aligned with the learning objectives, ensuring accurate measurement of student learning.

Expressing gratitude, Dr Naveen Sharma thanked Surajit Sen for delivering an enriching learning session for the teachers. He emphasized that the workshop would engage and motivate the teaching staff and equip students with essential skills and knowledge.

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