Renowned Odissi dancer Krishnendu Saha mesmerizes students

Bokaro: Renowned Odissi dancer Krishnendu Saha enthralled students at DPS Bokaro as he masterfully illustrated the gradual evolution of humanity in connection with Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatara through a captivating dance performance on Monday.

In alignment with the objectives of the National Education Policy 2020, which seeks to make teaching and learning more artistic, a special program was organized to emphasize artistic teaching methods. As a part of the CBSE-directed Art Integration Series, the Panchtatva Sanstha and CBSE collaborated on the dance performance.

During his presentation, Saha highlighted the significance of India’s mythological and cultural values. Simultaneously, he brought to life Darwin’s theory of human evolution dynamically, making it accessible to children as a part of their curriculum. Saha took the time to explain his interpretations in detail to the young audience.

Saha’s mesmerizing performance commenced with a spellbinding Mangalacharan and Aavahan dance. Using the expressive language of dance, he intricately weaved the story of human evolution, spanning eras of hunting, societal development, intellectual enlightenment, and more. Each phase seamlessly connected with the avatars of Lord Vishnu. The performance reached its grand climax with the portrayal of the Kalki avatar, symbolizing life’s myriad challenges through the lens of the five elements.

Saha’s choreography, brimming with emotion and storytelling prowess, received widespread acclaim, leaving the audience utterly captivated. He emphasized that dance is an art form that harmonizes the mind, body, and soul, and classical dance serves as a priceless repository of India’s cultural heritage. He highlighted that the scientific knowledge we pursue today has roots in ancient scriptures that have existed for millennia.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, Principal of DPS Bokaro, underscored the importance of integrating art into education. He expressed that such integration enhances students’ academic and intellectual growth, recognizing the value of creative approaches in the learning process.

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