Students showcased their skills in DPS Bokaro’s biennial house festival ‘Sangam’

#Set goals in time and make honest efforts to achieve them with confidence: SP

RNS: DPS Bokaro celebrated the enthralling Biennial House Function of Ganga, Jamuna and Raavi House “Sangam” on Saturday evening. The event, held on Saturday evening, carried the theme “Shrishti aur Drishti,” emphasizing the harmonious fusion of creativity and perspective.

The event was graced by Priyadarshi Alok, SP Bokaro, as the chief guest; distinguished principals from various schools across the city also attended the celebration.

The program commenced with a symbolic gesture of environmental commitment, as saplings were presented to underscore the school’s dedication to environmental preservation and awareness.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp infused a sense of spirituality into the atmosphere. The audience was treated to a mesmerizing welcome song, “Padharo Mhare Desh.”

Expressing gratitude to all dignitaries and participants, Ganga House Wardens delivered the welcome address.

The program unfolded with an orchestra performance, showcasing the students’ passion for music. This was followed by a captivating dance performance that depicted the beauty and grandeur of rain. The highlight of the evening was a dance drama centered around the theme of social media, shedding light on its impact on society and encouraging responsible usage.

Jamuna House Wardens shared the achievement scroll and presented a soul-stirring song titled “Mai Taiyaar Hoon.” The tiny tots then left the audience in awe with a powerful dance symbolizing the element of fire, while senior students conveyed a poignant message through their dance performance, highlighting the issue of child labor. The quarterly compendium, “Zenith,” was also released during the event.

Speaking on the occasion, SP Bokaro, addressed the audience with words of wisdom and inspiration. He emphasized the pivotal role of education in shaping the future generation and lauded the school’s commitment to providing holistic education in a nurturing environment.

Dr A. S. Gangwar, Principal of DPS Bokaro, shared inspiring words, emphasizing the importance of creativity, collective effort, and the pursuit of excellence. He urged parents to engage in quality time with their children and foster open communication.

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