Red Alert in AP coastal districts as cyclone “Michaung” intensifies into severe cyclonic storm

RNS: A red alert warning has been issued for all coastal districts in Andhra Pradesh as Cyclone Michaung has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal, menacingly approaching the South coast of Andhra Pradesh and adjoining districts of North Tamil Nadu.

The state has been grappling with the looming disaster, with significant disruptions already in place.

The educational sector in the region has been hit hard, as schools remained shuttered to ensure the safety of students. Furthermore, flight operations within the state have been suspended, and numerous train services have been cancelled in anticipation of the impending cyclone.

According to the reports, the coastal districts of South Andhra Pradesh are already experiencing heavy to very heavy rainfall as Cyclone Michaung, also referred to as Migjuam, inches closer to the Southern coast.

In particular, the cities of Nellore and Tirupati have borne the brunt of unrelenting rainfall since the previous evening. With the intensification of the cyclonic storm, meteorologists are forecasting heavy rainfall across all coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh for both today and tomorrow.

A multiagency response effort is currently underway, with the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), State Disaster Management Authority, and district administrations working in close coordination with the state government. Their primary objective is to address water-logged areas and minimise losses while swiftly providing rescue and rehabilitation measures to affected communities.

Addressing the concerns of the farming community, the state government has assured farmers that all crop grains will be procured on an urgent basis, irrespective of their moisture levels, employing offline procurement methods.

As of the latest reports, Cyclone Michaung (Migjuam) is positioned approximately 170 kilometers from Nellore and is projected to make landfall at Bapatla along the coast of Andhra Pradesh during tomorrow’s forenoon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally reviewed disaster management efforts yesterday and assured the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh of full support in addressing the approaching cyclone and its aftermath.

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