“DPS Bokaro Unveils Cutting-Edge Aero-Innovation Lab, Elevating Holistic Education”

RNS: DPS Bokaro, unveiled the Rakesh Sharma Aero-Innovation Lab on Wednesday, which promises to equip students with vital technical skills, including aeronautics, aviation, and space technology, alongside their regular studies.

This remarkable development position DPS Bokaro as the first school in the state of Jharkhand to establish such a cutting-edge laboratory. The lab has been named in honor of India’s foremost astronaut, Rakesh Sharma, and the country’s pioneering woman astronaut, Kalpana Chawla.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, principal of the school, inaugurated this wonderful facility. Speaking on the occasion he, presided over the inauguration ceremony and highlighted the evolving nature of education in the contemporary era.

He remarked, “Education has undergone significant transformation in both scope and form over time. It now encompasses diverse dimensions, and there exist abundant career opportunities in the realms of aviation, aeronautics, and space technology.”

India has made considerable strides in the fields of aviation and space science, making it imperative to instill practical knowledge about these subjects from an early age.

With this vision in mind, DPS Bokaro has embarked on this initiative, imparting celestial insights and technical expertise to students through experienced trainers.

Dr. Gangwar stressed the school’s commitment to offering a wide array of career options and opportunities tailored to students’ interests. The school has already established resources such as a Virtual Reality Lab, Commerce Lab, and Robotics Lab, aiming to foster proficiency in various domains of knowledge.

This programme is part of the ‘STEAM’ education movement, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The Aero-Innovation Lab at DPS Bokaro, which was developed as part of STEAM education, aims to give students practical and experiential education in accordance with the ideas of the new education policy. Students can learn about Space Science, Aerodynamics, Hydraulics, and Architecture through hands-on activities in this cutting-edge facility, going beyond the constraints of textbooks.

Pollution-free 3-D printing, CNC laser cutting, mechanical tools, meteorology equipment, wind tunnels, drone technology, rocket science, satellite technology, Mars rover simulation, hydraulic-based excavators, and hands-on experiences in transistor and sensor-based aircraft operations are among the offerings at the Aero-Innovation Lab. Furthermore, students are exposed to practical insights into building construction engineering and technologically based artistic compositions via interactive models.

The Aero-Innovation Lab at DPS Bokaro exemplifies the institution’s unwavering dedication to offering a comprehensive and innovative educational experience that prepares students for a wide range of employment choices while also cultivating their passion for knowledge and exploration.

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