India extends $1 mn immediate relief to Papua New Guinea following Mount Ulawun volcanic eruption

RNS: India has announced 1 million dollars in immediate relief assistance to Papua New Guinea after the volcanic eruption of Mount Ulawun.

The Ministry of External Affairs expressed its deep sympathy for the government and the people of Papua New Guinea, acknowledging the significant damage and destruction caused by the natural disaster.

India’s gesture of immediate relief assistance is extended to support the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in Papua New Guinea. This assistance reflects India’s close friendship and developmental partnership with the country as part of the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation.

It also serves as a heartfelt expression of solidarity with the friendly people of Papua New Guinea during their time of need.

The Ministry of External Affairs underscored India’s ongoing support to the island nation in times of crisis and devastation resulting from natural disasters. This support has been evident in previous instances, including the aftermath of the earthquake in 2018 and the volcanic eruption in 2019.

The volcanic eruption of Mount Ulawun, which occurred on the 20th of last month, has already led to the evacuation of over 26,000 individuals and created urgent humanitarian requirements.

India’s immediate relief assistance aims to alleviate some of the challenges faced by the affected population and contribute to the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Papua New Guinea.

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