Mandatory Reflective Tapes Enforced for Road Safety

RNS: In a concerted effort to enhance road safety, authorities are cracking down on vehicles without reflective tapes. Bokaro District Transport Officer Vandana Shejwalkar announced that along with legal actions, fines will be imposed on vehicles found lacking these essential safety features.

The District Transport Department has issued comprehensive guidelines to ensure safe road operations, with a particular focus on vehicles navigating through foggy conditions. The department is actively conducting inspections to enforce compliance.

Shejwalkar emphasized that these guidelines are specifically designed to reduce road accidents during foggy weather. During vehicle inspections, those found without reflective tapes will face fines and punitive actions. Furthermore, the Transport Department is actively engaged in public awareness campaigns to promote adherence to traffic rules and regulations.

In accordance with the central motor vehicle rules, having reflective stickers or tape on vehicles is mandatory. The government has underscored the importance of these reflectors, and non-compliance may result in fines and the possible revocation of a vehicle’s fitness certificate.

An official stated, “Many accidents occur during the dark hours of the night or early morning, and having reflective stickers on vehicles is a crucial step in preventing such accidents.” These measures reflect a commitment to improving road safety and reducing accidents on the nation’s highways. “Reflective tapes are mandatory for all vehicles by Rule No. 104 of Central Motor

Vehicles Rules, 1989. The ministry of road transport and highways, through a notification dated July 22, 2010, asked all state governments to ensure implementation of the rule.

According to the prescribed standards, vehicles should be pasted with white tape on the front fender and red tape on the back. Yellow tapes should also be pasted on both sides of the car.

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