Congress releases ’10 Saal Anyay Kaal’ black paper against Modi Govt.

RNS: Today, in a bold move against the Narendra Modi government, the Congress party unveiled a damning ‘Black Paper’ titled ’10 Saal Anyay Kaal’. Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the party, took center stage as he presented the document from his residence.

Addressing the media, Kharge emphasized the importance of shedding light on the government’s failures, which he claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveniently overlooks. “This Black Paper serves as a testament to the government’s shortcomings, ones that have been swept under the rug for far too long,” he declared.

The document highlights a decade marked by pressing issues such as unemployment, skyrocketing prices, and agrarian distress, all of which, according to Kharge, have been grossly neglected by the current administration.

Kharge didn’t mince words when discussing the unemployment crisis gripping the nation, pointing out that even rural areas are not immune to its effects. He accused the government of favoritism towards BJP-ruled states, alleging that funds are being unfairly withheld from opposition-led regions.

Price inflation was another focal point of Kharge’s critique. He questioned the government’s efforts to alleviate the burden on ordinary citizens and accused it of turning a blind eye to the plight of farmers, failing to fulfill promises regarding income doubling and Minimum Support Price (MSP) fixes.

Furthermore, Kharge condemned the imposition of GST on agricultural equipment and raised concerns about the erosion of democratic principles. He alleged that the government’s tactics include coercing industrialists to purchase electoral bonds and orchestrating the downfall of elected governments through underhanded means.

The release of the ’10 Saal Anyay Kaal’ Black Paper signals a renewed vigor in the opposition’s efforts to hold the Modi government accountable for its actions, setting the stage for heightened political discourse in the days to come.

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