Maithils Celebrate Narak Nivaran Chaturdashi with Parthiv Shivlinga Worship

Bokaro: The Shyama Mai Temple in Sector-2 of the city witnessed a flurry of worship-related activities organized by the Maithili Kala Manch Kali Puja Trust on the auspicious occasion of Narak Nivaran Chaturdashi.

Maithilanis gathered in large numbers at the temple, where they blended Ganga water with Gangot (soil from the river Ganga’s bed) brought from Simaria to create countless Parthiv Shivlingas.

These sacred Shivlingas were then ceremoniously worshipped together in the Yagya Mandap of the temple under the guidance of Yagyacharya Pt. Yogendra Mishra. Sunil Mohan Thakur and Amarnath Jha presided over the event as hosts.

The construction of the Parthiv Shivlinga commenced at 8:00 am amidst traditional Nachari singing, followed by Kali puja and Samb Sadashiv puja. As the day progressed, the evening saw a series of devotional bhajan-kirtan programs, aarti ceremonies, and the distribution of Mahaprasad.

The successful execution of the ritual was attributed to the efforts of Yajman Amarnath Jha, Mamta Jha, along with Pandit Chanchal Jha, Pandit Bal Shekhar Jha, Pandit Gauri Shankar Jha, Pandit Govind Jha, Pandit Harishchandra Jha, Govind Kumar Jha, Gangesh Kumar Pathak, Shambhu Jha, Mihir Mohan Thakur, Sushil Kumar Jha, Shankar Mishra, Arun Thakur, Usha Jha, Jayanti Pathak, and Shailja Jha, all of whom played crucial roles in the organization of the event.

Sunil Mohan Thakur, the general secretary and host of the Maithili Kala Manch Kali Puja Trust, emphasized the significance of Narak Nivaran Chaturdashi in Mithila culture, highlighting the belief that worshipping a mortal Shivlinga on this day brings about the alleviation of troubles and bestows happiness, prosperity, and peace.

Thakur noted that the event has been a longstanding tradition at the Shyama Mai temple for nearly three decades, symbolizing unity and devotion among the Maithil community.

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