Cast & Crew of ‘Bichhu’ play shows truth of life

RNS I Bokaro: Chandrapura’s Natya Sanstha Dharohar presented the play “Bicchu,” written by French playwright Moliere, at the welfare center on Sunday night. The play was directed by Sanjay Kumar. The programme was inaugurated by Nitu Singh, a member of Zila Parishad, Bokaro.

“Bicchu,” originally penned by Moliere and translated into Hindi by Vasi Khan, delves into the realities of elite society. It portrays how, due to a lack of communication with their children, parents seek external help, unaware of their children’s true desires and direction in life.

The play highlights the consequences of entrusting children’s upbringing to others and the conflicts that arise as a result. This timeless narrative serves as a poignant reminder for parents who rely on caretakers or childcare facilities to raise their children.

The cast includes Sumit Kumar as Munir, Md Wahid as Hasmat, Santosh Kumar as Rahmat, Pradeep Kumar as Nawab Munne Miyan, Manoj Kumar as Nawab Bane Miya, Rinki Kumari as Rajiya, Nili Ki Pinki Kumari as Nili, Vikrant Paswan as Afajal, and Yogendra & Mannu

Laxmi & Babita managed the event, with Neetu Kumari lighting, Santosh Kumar costume decoration, Mrityunjay Bhowmix stage decoration, Laxmi Devi publicity & stage manager, Mrityunjay Bhowmick background music, Laxmi Kumari Das media in-charge, and Anjali Chatterjee stage director.

Rupendra Narayan Singh, Ranvijay Tiwari, Vinod Singh, Subodh Modi, Jaishankr, Pramod Kumar, Sushil Gupta, Mahendra Sinha, Prashant Kumar, Manoj Modi, Basant, Ram Kumar, Amit Kumar, and Pradeep Kumar served as organising assistants.

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