Mumbai College Bans Torn Jeans, T-shirts, and ‘Revealing Dresses’ After Hijab; Enforces Dress Code

Mumbai: In the wake of controversy over a hijab ban, NG Acharya and DK Marathe College in Mumbai has implemented a new dress code, prohibiting students from wearing torn jeans, t-shirts, and what it terms as “revealing dresses” on campus, according to media reports.

The college administration issued a notice instructing students to adhere to a “formal and decent dress” policy while on college premises. The notice specifies that students may wear either half or full shirts with trousers, and girls are permitted to wear both Indian and Western outfits, different media report reveals.

The notice explicitly prohibits attire that “reveals religion or shows cultural disparity,” including jeans, t-shirts, revealing dresses, and jerseys.

Earlier this year, the college faced criticism after it barred students from wearing items such as hijabs, burkas, naqabs, stoles, caps, and badges on campus. A previous notice dated June 27, 2024, mandated that students remove such items in designated common rooms on the ground floor before moving throughout the college campus.

The administration maintains that these directives apply universally to all students, irrespective of their religion or caste. It asserts that the aim is to implement a uniform dress code and emphasizes that the policy is not targeted against any specific community, including Muslims.

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