Dhanbad Youth Cultivates World’s Most Expensive Mango- Miyazaki, Pioneers Organic Farming

by Chandan Pal

Dhanbad: Amid a trend of rural depopulation due to urban migration, Ravi Kumar Nishad, a resident of Bhuli—Asia’s largest labour city—has embraced organic farming with a modern approach.

Operating from his nursery, RPA Farming, located along Bhuli’s 8-lane road, Ravi Kumar has cultivated various rare and expensive plants, including the Miyazaki mango, recognized as the world’s most expensive mango, with international market prices ranging from 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees per kilogram.

Local trials of Miyazaki mangoes are underway, potentially paving the way for Ravi Kumar to become a millionaire.

The nursery also conducts research on other exotic plants such as the Noor Jahan mango, Sonali mango, white jamun, white sandalwood, red banana, litchi, Kashmiri apple, pear, Nashik pomegranate, cashew, pistachio almond, agarwood (the world’s most expensive wood), Nagpur orange, and Malaysian sal.

Ravi Kumar has transformed barren lands into fertile grounds, yielding fruits, flowers, and vegetables. His efforts are supported by the “Jai Dharti Maa Foundation and Research Institute,” which operates across several district blocks, benefiting over 200 villagers who earn their livelihoods through farming.

Local villagers like Dhaniya Devi and Vimala Devi from Sondaha of Baghmara confirm the economic benefits of Ravi’s initiatives, earning Rs 8000 per month from village farming, surpassing previous urban earnings and reducing travel costs.

Dr. Anant Krishna, formerly of the Atal Communities Innovation Centre at IIT-ISM, praised Ravi Kumar’s organic marigold cultivation in Bhuli and Topchanchi, which produces aromatic oils, perfumes, and bathing soaps. However, commercialization efforts faced setbacks due to his transfer.

In recognition of his organic farming expertise, senior scientists at IIT-ISM honored Ravi Kumar. He has also received the “International Gaurav Abhiyan” award from MSME, presented by Padma Shri Jitendra Singh Sethi and Robin Pradhan in Delhi. His partner, Ranjit Kumar, was similarly recognized with an international award for agricultural contributions.

The Niti Aayog team visited Ravi Kumar’s farms to study his innovative farming techniques and were impressed by the results. In Ranchi, Ravi received accolades from Coal India CMD Shri PM Prasad and was felicitated by the Ministry of MSME Government of India in the presence of Union Education Minister Annapurna Devi, where he showcased fruits and flowers grown in Dhanbad.

Reflecting on his journey into farming, Ravi Kumar shared a personal story about leaving a lucrative IT job in Delhi to combat pollution through tree planting in Dhanbad, motivated by his mother’s unfortunate demise due to pollution-related health issues.

Supporting Ravi Kumar in his success are Kumar Saraswat, Sudhir Hembram, Sameer Hembram, MD Shamsher Ali (Raju), MD Aftab Ansari, MD Yusuf Husain, Rupesh Mahato, Budhan Hembram, Rambilash Berra, G.S. Nishad, Rohit Kewat, Hari Prasad Kewat, Raj Kumar Kewat, and the entire RPA Farming team.

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