China stops water supply of Brahmaputra to Arunachal Pradesh

GNS: Another distraction step of China, the water supply stopped by China of Brahmaputra river to Indian state Arunachal Pradesh.

Once again China has done such a thing which has hurt India. Even before this, China has tried bribe many times. The Chinese engaged in continuous infiltration efforts in the Indian border are not able to respond to their objections. This time China has stopped the waters of the Brahmaputra river flowing through Tibet. This has increased the risk of drought in the large Indian Arunachal Pradesh.

Brahmaputra river irrigates a large terrain in Arunachal Pradesh of Northeastern India. Due to the stoppage of river water, there can be big trouble in front of the people here. Sources say that the move of neighboring country China has come out of this move.

Due to China’s movement, Arunachal Pradesh is facing a crisis of crisis. Because of the landslides in China, the water flow of the river Brahmaputra has been affected. Congress MP from Arunachal, Ninong Ering, has written a letter to Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Minister of State for Water Resources Arjun Meghwal seeking intervention in this case.

Sources said that  a landslide which occurred on October 16 in China, created a blockage at Milin section in the flow of Brahmaputra; has become a barrier on the river’s flux and the water level of the lake has increased by 40 meters. This lake is now a threat to India.

In East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, the administration has forbidden people to cross the river. The DM here has said that the level of water in the river has dropped sharply and when the blockage is cleared by the side of China, the unexpected increase in the water level of the river can also be devastated. Something similar happened in June 2000 when there was a great loss in Arunachal Pradesh due to the sudden release of water from the side of China in the Brahmaputra river.

According to the MP (Arunachal, Ninong Ering), the situation near Tutinga, Yingkiong and Pasighat has become serious. Due to the blockade of Brahmaputra river in China, these places are drying. Please intervene. The MP said that the government has told that if China has any new information in this matter then they will have to share it with us on time. For this, the government should become active. He further wrote that the rivers in these lower areas are drying fast. He said that it is a question of life for the settlers.

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