#MeToo: Women security is important but National Women’s Commission to look at its side effect

GNS / Harshad Kamdar:
After the serious allegations of sexual harassment, State Foreign Minister M.J. Akbar has been forced to resign. On the other hand, women facing sexual harassment came forward and got justice for them. For this reason, the National Women’s Commission has issued a special email ID. An appeal has been made to present its problems to him, as such, sometimes such abuse of dowry Section 498 has been expressed as such, it is hoped that it should not be used as a basis for denouncing this special ID.

The National Women’s Commission (NCW) told a newspaper that after appeals and information of some women, the commission has prepared a special email id. On which any such victims will be able to file their grievances or complaint by emailing an e-mail without causing any problems. The Commission will send to any department to investigate such complaints of sexual abuse at the work place.

The special email AID is like this: ncw.metoo@gmail.com It is expected from this that sometimes the dowry section of 1984 has been misused and used to shock someone under the law made for good purposes. In this particular e-mail ID of the Women’s Commission, there is something wrong with a woman at the place of work and if the woman immediately emails, then the front will not be left. The front will only continue to reveal the revelations on its behalf. Therefore, keeping in mind this side effect of the women’s commission, it is necessary to take action only after the primary investigation of complaints received. Otherwise, if green leaves also burn with dry, then the original purpose will not be able to.

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