Film is still remaining, Country saw trailer of development in 100 days, says PM Modi

RNS: Referring to the works done in 100 days of the second term of his Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that he had promised to give ‘Kamdar’ and ‘Dumdar’ Government at the Centre. “In past 100 days the people of the country have seen the trailer. Picture abhi baaki hai (The movie is yet to come),” said the PM.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Jharkhand has become the launch pad of big welfare schemes for poor and tribal communities. Addressing a gathering of thousands of people at Sri Jagganath Maidan here on Thursday, the PM said that whenever the matter of various schemes will come out, the name of Jharkhand will come first. It will always be remembered that the scheme, which was launched from Jharkhand and crores of people are benefited from it.

The PM, on the occasion, launched the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maan-dhan Yojana, 462 Eklavya Model Residential Schools, National Pension Scheme for retail traders and self-employees and also inaugurated Jharkhand’s new Assembly Building and Multi Modal Terminal at Sahibganj.

He also laid the foundation stone of Jharkhand new Secretariat Building worth Rs 1,238 crore. “The world’s largest health insurance scheme was launched from this ground. Today, again, the Kisan Maan-Dhan Pension Scheme, which will become a support for the farmers in their old age, and the pension scheme of retail traders and self-employed are starting from the land of Birsa Munda,” said the PM.

Modi said that the multi-modal terminal project started in Sahebganj of Santhal Pargana will give a new identity to Jharkhand in the country and the world.  “This entire region is offering a new option of transportation. Sahebganj has become an important part of the waterway from Haldia to Banaras. Through this, new possibilities of development of the people of Jharkhand will be opened. Traders, farmers and others from North-East and North India will be able to deliver their products easily. It will also create employment,” he said. The PM said that the temple of democracy is being inaugurated two decades after the formation of Jharkhand. “It is not just a building but the dream of present and future generations of Jharkhand. Youth must visit this building where their culture has been saved and showed in an elegant form,” he said.

Modi said that the construction work of 462 Eklavya schools has been started to improve the skills and education of the children of tribal communities all over the country including Jharkhand, which will be of great benefit to the children of tribal communities.  “The Government will spend more than one lakh rupees annually on the skill development and education of the children of these communities.  Children emigrating from here will contribute significantly in building new India. About 69 Eklavya schools started in Jharkhand have been linked with the scheme. Now the children here will also be covered by quality education and skill development,” said the PM.

He further said that the present government of the State made an effort to bring changes in Jharkhand. “The Chief Minister has a big contribution in all the development work that has been done. In order to strengthen the system of traffic, projects worth more than 9 thousand crores were approved in Jharkhand. The National Highway is being expanded under the Bharatmala Scheme. The work of strengthening roadways, waterways, airways and every area is done by the central and state government. Five years ago, health insurance was like a dream for the poor, but the Government tried to change this situation.

More than 22 crore countrymen have joined Ayushmaan Bharat Yojana.  More than 30 lakh people of Jharkhand are associated with this scheme. People have got a claim of 3.5 crore,” he added.

The PM, on the occasion said that Swachhata-Hi-Seva Abhiyan has been launched in the country. “Now some responsibility is also on the people.  On 2nd October, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will be celebrated,” he said.

Modi instructed people to start collecting plastic bags from the society, home, neighbourhood and everywhere else and that pile has to be removed that day. People have to recycle.  He appealed to the people of nature-loving Jharkhand to lead the single-use-plastic campaign and have to work together for ‘New India-New Jharkhand. The PM on the occasion symbolically handed over pension cards to PMKMDY and PMLVMY beneficiaries, who had come from across the country to the capital city.

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