Only quality thinking improves lives, communities, nation: Dutta

Bokaro: Chandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS), a unit of DVC, honoured its eight employees on their retirement by organizing a farewell ceremony today.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Engineer and Head of the Project Ajay Kumar Dutta remarked in his address that the advancement of family, community, and the country is feasible thanks to excellent thinking. Because of thinking like this, DVC is currently making strides toward advancement.

He praised the individuals who had retired for their fruitful careers and wished them well in the years to come. He also claimed that the management of DVC would pay a sufficient amount of pension to the retired workers once they left the company, assuring that their future would be bright. He said this to ensure the future of the workers. According to what he shared, the retired workers at DVC had assisted him and his family while working there.

They have put in place a requirement that their family offer high-quality care for the worker who has now retired. He expressed contentment on the 75-year trip that DVC has been on and stated that the company is progressing toward advancement thanks to the conscientiousness of its personnel.

Dutta also expressed happiness over the progress of the families of DVC retired personnel present at the function.

In his address Chief Engineer O&M Sunil Kumar Pandey praised the working of retired DVC personnel and said that due to the devotion of duty of DVC personnel, DVC has been able to set up a new plant. He wished the retired personnel of DVC a bright future.

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