India carries out successful test launch of short-range ballistic missile Prithvi II

RNS: India successfully conducted a test launch of a tactical ballistic missile— “Prithvi-II”, from a test range located off the coast of Odisha on Tuesday, the Defence Ministry said.

“On January 10, 2023, an effective training launch of a Short-Range Ballistic Missile, Prithvi-II, was carried out from the Integrated Test Range, Chandipur off the coast of Odisha by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Prithvi-II missile, which is a well-established system, has been an essential component of India’s nuclear deterrence,” it said in a statement.

Prithvi-II was able to hit its target with a high degree of precision, and it went on to say that the user training launch was successful in validating all of the operational and technical characteristics of the missile.

“Prithvi-II has a range of around 350 kilometres,” it added.

Prithvi II is an indigenously produced missile that is capable of delivering a nuclear payload, and it can carry a payload of up to five hundred kilos. Both conventional and nuclear warheads can be carried by the missile, which is propelled by a liquid propulsion system and features a high-thrust engine. The missile also has the capability of carrying both types of warheads.

The missile is said to have completed a number of successful test launches and has now been integrated into the Indian armed forces, as stated in the reports.

According to the reports, the missile has sophisticated navigation and guiding systems, which contribute to its high level of accuracy. Additionally, the missile has a high level of precision. The Indian Army is the primary user of the Prithvi II, and it has been fielded in numerous regiments of the Indian armed forces over the course of its service.


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